The UFU-CAPES.PrInt aims to contribute to the internationalization of the Federal University of Uberlândia (UFU) through an articulated and convergent action with the Graduate Programs (PPGs), aligned with the Institutional Plan of Internationalization of the Federal University of Uberlândia (PInt-UFU).

UFU-CAPES.PrInt has the following specific objectives:

  • To carry out joint research projects in international collaborative projects, seeking to find innovative technological solutions to relevant and internationally representative problems for society;
  • To promote and strengthen the creation of international research networks with the participation of researchers from the various UFU PPGs, aiming to increase the level of international collaboration, joint publications and the impact of the results of joint work between UFU researchers and abroad;
  • To disseminate the results of international collaboration projects and seek to transfer these results to society as a means of broadening their social impact;
  • To carry out innovative research management at UFU, related to internationalization to expand its area of coverage;
  • To strengthen UFU's graduate programs and exchange with international research institutions and groups;
  • To provide greater international visibility to Brazilian scientific, technological and cultural production.